Head of Digital from London & Cambridge UK

About Shovan

Head of Digital • Dynamic Digital Expert • Innovative and Creative

A highly proficient digital media specialist with experience in executing digital platforms, online marketing, social media and various digital content programs for global clients ranging from startups to well-established corporates. Proven track record of delivering initiatives that improve business performance by planning the overall business strategy through creative digital innovations.

Confidence, professionalism and a strong work ethic characterise my approach, while my work is distinguished by a crossover of creativity and technical expertise. All these qualities combine to mark me out for a dynamic career in the digital world.

Key Achievements

Website performance was one of the company’s main pain point, commenced a redesign project, which improved the website performance from 8s load time to 1.19s, within four months, this resulted in increased page views, 5x session duration and improved SERP by 12%

Contributing content to the website was a bottleneck, architecture new web technology by which community could easily contribute to the website while retaining the editorial right.

Multiple websites require constant attention updating theme, plugins and security, this could easily take a chunk of production time. Initiated development of in house theme and plugins which were easy to maintain, keep updated with latest security features and cut down spending.

During the busy period, we bring in resource from an external agency, freelancer or outsourced company. Have experience putting out RFT and sourcing right candidate for the task.

Launched a new brand called 96Boards, with no marketing budget to promote the brand. Being an open source company, leverage on open source community to push the brand. Created necessary tools (website/forums), materials (documentation), content marketing (videos/blogs) and dedicated support. Currently, the web traffic is over 3M, over 10K boards sold worldwide.


Shovan also runs a digital consultancy - SCube Digital.