Chrome Extension to Clear Cookie & Cache

I have created Breeze, a free chrome extension that can help your non-team work faster.

Breeze is All-in-one tools that an be used for Website migration project, day to day website operation task #webops

Here are few things you can achieve with Breeze

Breeze: Tools for Website Team

  1. Website Environment Manager and Switcher
  2. Redirection Management
  3. Sitemap Manager
  4. File Manager
  5. Page breakdown and auditing tool
  6. Audit tool (Screenshot taker and recorder)
  7. Reports
  8. Website Migration Checklist

The tool that could be used during website migration, we are building tool that could be used for the website management team to operate their websites

Breeze website management tool allows business to easily onboard their team. Sign-up to breeze and get value for the money

Manage website with breeze

  • Access wide set of tools
  • Share tools with teams
  • Easy to manage website
  • Have audit trail for compliance and regulations
  • Cut cost on development cost as we handle all the world

We are continually improving the tool and add various toolkit that will help you with website migration, ongoing website operations task, technical SEO, on-page SEO, page screen-short, auditing page performance and many more.

With Breeze chrome extension you can perform following activities

  • Domain Switcher (Live, Dev, UAT, QA and Local)
  • Domain Switcher for Multi-regional, Multi lingual solution
  • Domain switcher to work with the following CMS WordPress, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and many more.
  • Information on Technology stack, such as domain expiry date, CDN, fav icon, DNS, CMS platform, CMS version and latest valuable version
  • Dev browser bookmarks manager, that could be share with the team. Also categorize bookmark and share it in cloud.
  • Pingdom - Activity tracker (Future Release), we are also planning to make not of all the pingdom issues.

Breeze tool is early-beta stage, please provide us with your valuable feedback and let us know what features you would like to see.


updated_at 19-09-2021