A Smart way to switch between dev environments.

As part of the web production workflow, I currently have various environments. To validate a page between live and staging requires one manually change the URL path from www. to staging. .

I am looking to simplify this process, reduce human error and automate where possible. I found Domain Switcher chrome extension that does does what I need.

Environment breakdown

  • Live Environment: www.website.com
  • Staging Environment: staging.website.com
  • Dev Environment: dev.website.com
  • QA Environment: qa.website.com
  • Local Environment: local.website.com

Extension Setup Install Domain Switcher extension on your chrome browser

Once installed, click on options.

Once installed click on options

Add your dev environments to the list.

Development Environments

Now go the website website.com and click on the Domain Switcher extension, you will see options for the different environments in the dropdown.

Development Environments

updated_at 01-05-2020